Is it really THAT hard!?

to get everyone LOOKING and SMILING at the camera?

Apparently so.

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    It REALLY is THAT hard!!! OH…You and your girls are DARLING!!! I’ve been out of the computer world for a bit…so Happy Belated Birthday! I’m glad you had such a great day!

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    So fun!!! When I saw you daughter’s hair, I remembered that I forgot to tell you about Cowboy Magic… when our oldest was little, she had kinky, curly hair. It’s the only thing that would allow us to get through it without a fuss. Here’s the link
    Don’t get mad, it’s a horse and human product. Sounds bad that I’m telling you to buy horse stuff for your daughter’s hair, but if you buy some, you’ll thank me later!!!

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    SOOO cute! Love the makeover, mine needs help too, I wonder if Joe knows more than he lets on about it??? LOVE your birthday post, how fun for you! LOVE Girls Just Want to Have Fun, it is one of the best. :)

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    Yes, yes it really is THAT hard. But look how cute your candid pics are! Not all of us look that good when we aren’t looking and smiling! LOVING the new look on your blog! Can you and Kenny teach us?

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    I love your blog! You are amazing at keeping it up and it is so cute! It really truly is that hard to get everyone looking – try four little ones – IMPOSSIBLE :) Loved your Jettete Party Pics – Way too much fun, and Happy Birthday to you as well :)

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