Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Dad

So today is my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad! I've been thinking a lot this week about all of the things I love about my dad and although I could write a novel on the subject, I'm going to try to share just a few things. When Car and I were little, my mom worked nights at a restaurant and my dad was in charge of the kids. Some of my earliest memories are of him playing with us in the evenings. He would bathe us and put curlers in our hair and then it was our turn to put curlers and barrettes in his hair. We would do his hair and then laugh and laugh at our creation. We put him through so much abuse! I remember loving that time every night with my dad.

My dad loves the outdoors - camping, hunting, fishing - all of it. We went camping and fishing all the time. He owned an Archery Shop aside from his job at the college and I have so many fun memories of camping and hanging out in the shop with my dad.

When I got older and so involved in dancing my dad never missed anything! He came to every recital, High School drill team competition, and every football and basketball game we performed at. When I was on the drill team at Dixie College he even came to all of those games to see me dance. I can't believe all of the performances and games he sat through for me (aside from all of the stuff my sister and brother were involved in). He was always so supportive and proud of us. He was also always the calm voice of reason. I remember when I turned 16 and got my driver's licence. A couple of weeks later I got in my first accident! I came home so nervous to tell my parents about it but explained to them that it could have been worse...I didn't get a ticket...just a "citation." My mom was so mad at me! ("Dang it Erin! A ticket IS a citation!") She wanted to ground me from the car for awhile but my dad's calm response was "No...the best thing for Erin is to get right back out on the road. Accidents happen...all part of the learning process." Loved ya for that one dad!

My dad has a silly, fun side that a lot of people don't get to see. He was always saying and doing stupid things to get me and Car and Austin laughing. We're always rolling our eyes and trying to suppress a smile around my dad. I have great memories of the holidays because he always made Christmas SO FUN for us. On Christmas Eve morning he would wake us up playing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on his Guitar or Saxophone (he plays both!).

My dad is extremely intelligent and always really stressed the importance of education. School and homework ALWAYS came first when we were growing up. He was the Dean of the Business Department of a college and I remember as a little girl thinking my dad was SO smart and SO important. I always wanted to marry someone who was smart and worked in an office like my dad. (Got my wish there!) When I was little I loved to go visit my dad in his big office. Then Car and I would go home and pretend that we were secretaries working for him. We would answer our pretend phones "Hello, Business and Technology...would you like to speak to the Dean?" :) Today my dad is the President of a different college that he helped get up and running and I'm so proud of him. He is a hard worker and loved and respected by everyone in the community.

One of the things I love most about my dad is the way he loves my mom. He is an amazing husband to her. He is extremely patient and caring and always puts her needs first. My mom is....well my mom! She is over the top social, spends too much money, stresses over everything and generally creates a lot of drama and excitement for them both. My dad is the best thing for her (the calm of the storm!) and we all wonder how he does it sometimes! This picture is of him proposing to her again on their 29th Wedding Anniversary (didn't want to do it on the 30th because she would be expecting something big!). He sent her new diamond to me early because they were coming to San Diego and he wanted to surprise her. So cute! They have an amazing relationship.

Since I've had Ellie, it has been so fun to see my dad as a grandpa. He is so darling with my kids! He plays with them for hours! Ellie gets so excited to go to Utah to see Grandpa Van. They have a special routine for just the two of them called "feeding the fish." My dad takes her out to his garage (which is more like a little house!) and they feed the fish in his aquarium. Then they play all sorts of made up games. Ellie really looks forward to all of her time with grandpa and so do I! I love seeing the special relationship my dad is forming with each of my kids. I know they will cherish those memories forever. (This pic is of my dad with Ellie and my sister's baby Claire). Cute grandpa!

Dad - I could go on forever about all the things I love about you. You have been the best dad a girl could ask for and I've always felt so lucky to be your daughter! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me. I love you so much! Hope your birthday is the best!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweet Dreams...

I get the biggest kick out of my little Addison's sleeping habits! She always sleeps with one or both of her feet sticking out of the crib...ALWAYS. I love it.
Sweet dreams baby girl...

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday night

Ohhh...Thursday night. What a treat! When Kenny and I woke up this morning he looked at me in bed and smiled and said "It's Thursday - The Office is on tonight." Of all the shows we record and watch this is the only one that gets our full attention. No laptops during The Office. We pop popcorn and settle in for a good laugh. Love Thursday nights.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Nothing like a girls night out! Just got back from dinner with my cute friends. Great food, great company, lots of laughs. We always have so much fun together. Love you guys! Happy Birthday Darci!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Come on over!

You're all invited to dinner! Just got a new dining room set - what a fun pick me up. Makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen. The best part about it is that it has a leaf and eight chairs so I can make it larger when I want to have friends over, which is the main reason I needed a new table. So...there is room to seat you all! I can't guarantee that dinner will be much more than a frozen Lean Cuisine, but at least we will be dining on a cute table! (Speaking of my frozen dinners...the other day at the grocery store I won two free movie tickets because I spent over a certain amount on frozen food. Guess there are some advantages to not cooking!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daddy's girl

My little Addison is such a Daddy's girl. She WORSHIPS Kenny! If Kenny is home, she is right on his heels at all times. She wants to do whatever daddy does, eat whatever daddy eats and wear whatever daddy wears. When Kenny isn't home, she calls out "DA DA DA DA" all day and runs from room to room looking for him. - Don't worry about me Addie...I'm just the one who feeds you, changes you, bathes you, deals with your ongoing drama all day and fulfills your every whim. You're right - daddy is where it's at.
(Guess I understand...I'm pretty fond of Kenny myself) :)

My little bowler...

Ellie went bowling for the first time this weekend for a friend's birthday party. It was so funny to watch her bowl. She would push the ball as hard as she could and then just wait and wait while it SLOWLY made its way toward the pins...beaming if it hit just one. As fun as it was to bowl, she was more into the shoes! She thought they were so cute and loved that they matched her outfit. I'm not normally into bowling shoes...or bowling at all for that matter, but I have to admit that the shoes, along with my Ellie, were pretty cute that day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Erin and Koni

Koni was just here with me in San Diego for a visit. We had a great time together (like always). Stayed up way too late chatting...we can talk for hours. Koni and I have been close friends for a very long time. We go back - WAY BACK - in fact we met in Kindergarten. We hung out in the same circles of friends until 9th grade when we both made the High School Drill Team. It was then that we paired up...and have pretty much stuck together ever since! If we were ever without the other one in High School or College people would ask us where our "other half" was. We always had so much fun together and got along so great because we have everything in common. Koni and I both got our Elem. Education degrees, got jobs teaching school, put our husbands through Law School, both ended up in San Diego (although now she has ditched me and moved home to Utah!), and now are both busy moms staying home with our kids...we each have two little girls - of course! We can talk about anything and everything. We finish each others sentences and know what the other one is thinking with just a glance. We've been there for each other through pretty much everything in life - school, various boyfriends, graduations, weddings, babies and MANY different hairstyles! Even now that we don't talk everyday, when we do get together we pick up right where we left off like we haven't been apart at all. Here is a little trip down memory lane...
Love you Koni!

First day of Kindergarten-I'm the one posing in the
cream and blue dress. Koni is the tall one (of
course) behind me with the pig tails. (1982)
AND - My b-day party in 8th or 9th grade.
Sorry Car - not the cutest pic of you...or any of us! (1990ish)

Girls Camp AND - Batman, Cat woman and the
Joker - dressing up for a drill team party. (1992)

Trip to Hollywood AND - skiing at Brian Head.
Yes - the name tag in the picture above says Kenny and
that is Kenny in the skiing picture. My husband and I go
back almost as far as Koni and I do! :) (1993)

Christmas morning - this picture makes me smile.
One year Koni and I gave each other the EXACT
same thing for Christmas. Popcorn bowl with the movie
Dirty Dancing. We had a thing for Dirty Dancing.
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner" (1992 )
AND - One of our favorite things to do was save our money
and then head to Vegas to go shopping. Great picture -
I'm lovin' the wall paper and hair! Spring Break (1995)

Senior Class trip (1995) AND - Dixie College
Graduation (1997).