(Getting ready to watch the play of “The Grinch” at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park)

(Playing on the rides before the play at the Balboa Festival of Lights)

(Heading to a Christmas party)

(Fun at Kenny’s firm party)

(On our way to a neighborhood Christmas party)

(After another neighborhood Christmas party – LOVE my neighborhood!)



(Dancing to Christmas music while waiting in line to see Santa)

(It’s not a trip to the mall without a ride on the train)

(Decorating Christmas cookies)


{Merry Christmas Everyone!}

Happy Birthday Car!

Happy Birthday to my cute sister Carly! She’s 30 today. Welcome to the 30’s Car! So far they haven’t been too bad. Here’s a fun mini trip down memory lane…

Now you know why my kids pose so much. The apple doesn’t fall too far. While I may be the one posing however, at least my shorts aren’t up to my chin. :)

I love this picture (think we’re in a hotel room?) because we are reading Sweet Valley Twins. Remember those books? They were the BOMB and Car and I worshiped them! Yes, I’m the one with the pasty white legs. Carly and I look and act completely different. She is 21 months younger than me but has always been taller and tanner and older looking (thighs I would kill for!). The looking older thing always bugged me when we were little and people mistakenly thought I was the little sister. Now that we’re BOTH in our 30’s…payback time!!! :) Ok Car – you still have the tan skin. And the thighs.

Skiing Brian Head with mom

College Graduation (Car – I know you’re going to complain about your left eye in this picture. Sorry. I couldn’t get the “red eye” tool to work on that eye for some reason. Still wanted to use it because I like the picture. I’m laughing right now because I know how bugged you’ll be. My blog – remember!) :)

Mean game of Poker

Christmas 1998

Car’s Wedding

Soon after Claire (Car’s baby) was born

Car with my girls (Addie left & Ellie right)

More of Car with Ellie

5 Things I love about Carly:
1) She is FUNNY. There is no better way to say it. Carly is just funny. Her sense of humor is hilarious and she can have anyone laughing in minutes. Everyone who knows her loves this about her. Car and I don’t talk without breaking into laughter at some point. Doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. She and I have so many private jokes and know each other so well that we sometimes laugh just looking at each other.
2) Car knows fashion. She has always been on the cutting edge of style (even in Elementary) and while she used to NEVER let me borrow clothes (unless I swore I’d tell everyone in the halls at school that what I was wearing was a Carly original), she has loosened up a bit. ;) I now call her with any and every question about what to wear and how to wear it.
3) Speaking of calling Car with any and every question….another thing I love about my sister is that she knows how to handle me. I am extremely indecisive. It’s something I hate about myself, but I can’t change. I really struggle with making decisions (big and little) and Car is always there to rescue me! I constantly call her and drive her nuts asking if I should do this or that…buy this or that…then return this or that. She laughs, teases me, tells me I’m making her crazy…but in the end she helps make my decision for me, spends an hour assuring me I’ve made the right decision, and the next day when I call and tell her I’ve changed my mind – she understands. My mom and Kenny refuse to put up with this, but not Car. In the end she is always my ‘go to’ girl. I do have to say though that I payed her back for all of this by making a pretty important decision for her a few years ago: YES! You have to go on a date with Shawn Hazen. The rest is history. :)
4) Carly has been an AMAZING Aunt to my girls. She flew out to visit after both of my girls were born and has been a big part of their lives ever since. She loves them, plays with them, and always makes them feel special. Ellie adores Aunt Carly and gets so excited to see her. I love the way you love them Car.
5) Carly is just plain impressive. She is independent, career oriented, extremely intelligent, a great people person, beautiful, witty, and now she can add “amazing mom” to the list. She has always been there for me and I don’t know what I would do without my sister. I was so excited when I found out my second baby was going to be another girl. Sisters. Just like me and Car.

Happy 30th Carly. Love you so much!

Fun Mail

I’m not a fan of the mail. Who wants to deal with bills and coupons? Other than the occasional thank you note & my favorite magazines (Creating Keepsakes & Real Simple) I don’t much care for the mail and it is Kenny’s responsibility to get the mail each night, sort through it, and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with. Except in December of course. :) Is everyone else as excited as I am to be getting Christmas cards!? So fun to see pictures of all of your favorite families and plaster them all over the wall in a great big collage. We started sending Christmas cards out when we had Ellie and I have loved the process every year. I especially love making my cards (although I enjoy it more the years I start working on them BEFORE December as is the case this year!) The two years I didn’t make my cards were the years I had a baby under one (no explanation needed). Since I plan to make my blog into a book each year (family scrapbook) I wanted to include pictures of our past Christmas cards. So to those of you who have received these cards, sorry if this is a bit redundant! (You can skip past this post.) If you haven’t received a card from us and would like one, let me know and I’ll add you to the list! Of course then you’ll also have to send one of your cards to me. :)

Gotta go…Kenny and I are watching “Fred Clause” while I work on my cards. Isn’t Vince Vaughn great? Love him. Love Christmas cards. Love this time of year. (Have I mentioned that yet?) :)





{this poem was fun to work on! Click to enlarge it if you care to read about my husbands obession with the Chargers}