Gotta love Target!

I’m lovin’ these summer dresses I bought the girls at Target.

Also lovin’ the pink jellies…wish I still had mine!
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    I saw those at the store a couple of days ago..except I told Rachel she couldn’t have them (trying to prove a point that it was Mother’s Day shopping for her grandparents–and so you don’t buy stuff for yourself ) But I think I may sneak back and get them for her birthday :-)

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    Target is the best!!! My sister forgot her luggage at the airport on the way to my grandma’s funeral and so she had noooo clothes. She made a mad rush to Target and I am telling you, she looked so cute the entire trip-from head to shoes!!!

    Darling dresses!

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    I love their dresses! They look so darling…Addie looks bigger to me. I love that I can see their little toes through their jelly shoes!

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