Carlsbad Flower Fields

Sure sign of Spring in San Diego…
A couple of weeks ago Kenny and I took the girls to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. I’ve driven past them a million times in the six years I’ve lived here and have always wanted to walk through. Seemed like the perfect time –
since I now have two little girls who LOVE flowers.
Simply breathtaking!

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  1. says

    Every year I’m so mad at myself because I don’t take the time to go see it!! Aren’t you glad you’re a blogger so that you have so many fun pictures and memories? :o)

    Did you go buy The Host yet???

  2. says

    What beautiful pictures Erin…is this the same place that has the pointsettias at Christmas time? I want to see the field of flowers sometime when I come down. It would be worth making a special trip.
    The girls look sweet in their little blue dresses. Great shots of you and Kenny too. Makes me miss San Diego and my little family down there. :(

  3. says

    Erin, that is a beautiful place. Wow!! Ya, Jeriah is just here for the summer, then he is going back to school to get a PhD. He figured we might as well take a little adventure before hand, so here we are. Your girls are just beautiful, I sure miss you guys. Tell Car hi for me. I need her right now, she just always brings joy no matter what. I love that about her. You two together are just something that is priceless. I miss you both.

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    Your girls are sooo cute! Sydney and Bella were almost that same age when we went for the first time. A few short years later I’m back there only it’s with Sydney’s kindergarden class! Time fly’s by when your having fun!

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