So You Think You Can Dance!

It’s finally time! Tomorrow night SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE starts! I’m so jazzed! This is the best show ever! If you haven’t seen it yet you need to tune in. The dancing is AMAZING! It is a lot like American Idol (I think even better). Tons of people try out and then the judges narrow it down to the top dancers who then have to learn to perform many different styles of dancing. The judges can be kind of cheesy, but when they narrow it down to the final twenty it gets so good! I LOVE this show! After last season, Kenny and I bought tickets and saw the top twelve dancers perform live here in San Diego (yes, I have a good husband). It was the best show! The dancers really are incredible and do amazing things. I can’t wait to watch it again this summer! So set your DVR’s to record SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE tomorrow night. You’ll love it!!!
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    I’m with you on this Erin, we have been counting down and are so excited for this show. I made sure we got DVR, specifically for this show. You girls look so darling in their little summer dresses too, they’re getting so big.

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    Ok Erin, I love the dancing but I just can’t handle the half naked dancers! If they would just wear more clothes! Let me know when they narrow it down and then maybe I’ll start watching. The dancing really is amazing.

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    I love it, too!!! It always makes me wish I would’ve learned to dance like you and our other friends!!! In my mind I really can move like them, but who am I foolin’? How fun that you got to see them perform live last year!!

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    This is also my favorite! I’ve been counting down the days…every time I see a commercial on American Idol, I have to rewind it and watch again and again. I would LOVE to see them perform, I’m going to look into that this year. We are going to see the IDOLS perform in Vegas!! Can’t wait…

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    Way better that American Idol–but I agree- I am more excited to watch it after it has been narrowed down to all the good ones.

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    Ryan and I LOVE this show too! (I am a huge fan of Benji!) Glad we can share in your excitement. How awesome you got to see them on the tour!

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