Sweet Dreams…

I get the biggest kick out of my little Addison’s sleeping habits! She always sleeps with one or both of her feet sticking out of the crib…ALWAYS. I love it.
Sweet dreams baby girl…

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    Erin that is so cute and so funny!! I love that you got all those pictures of different times she was doing it. In that first picture it looks like a miniature Kenny laying there. They are identical!

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    Every one of those pictures are precious! How does she sleep like that? It makes me miss her so much…and my cute Ellie. Kiss them for me and grandpa!

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    Too cute! Claire has adopted this habit as well and I love it but I’m always paranoid that she’ll get stuck and hurt herself. I love the collage you put together, you are becoming so creative with these crafty blog embellishments! My favorite feature is still your girls weekend countdown – 8 days 10 hours and 52 minutes!! WHEEEEE!

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    Erin, love the new look of the blog, you always make things look beautiful, and as for Addison, she is so cute! I know that I love my kids when they are sleeping no matter what position, what location…just please sleep!

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    I have been thinking you need to do a post about her sleeping! I remember when you sent out all those pictures in an email! That is classic! Love it!

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    SO Cute!!! I have found JT like this a few times too, it just cracks me up!!!! Hey I like your little count down of your girls shopping trip! CUTE!

  7. Anonymous says

    Hey Erin!
    I am loving your blog. You do all the work, I do all the enjoyment. I’m so glad you’re doing this, I feel like I know what’s going on in your world all the time now. Now if we could just get me to start a blog, you could enjoy too! The past month has been so crazy busy I haven’t had time to breath it seems. But now my food storage kick has come to a close and I feel SO freakin’ prepared, I’m ready for anything! Maybe now I can find a life again!
    Your girls look darling in all of the pictures.
    Talk to you soon Erin!

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