Work Work Work!

The other night I ran upstairs to tuck Ellie in bed for the SECOND time (“please please one more story…just one more drink of water…my friends – a.k.a dolls and stuffed animals – are cold and need covers.”). Ellie is a master staller. When I came back downstairs I found Kenny sound asleep – he had crashed (mid-sentence on his laptop) on the couch. He has been traveling a lot for work and working around the clock to close an IPO (Initial Public Offering – attorney lingo). It has kept him incredibly busy for the last few months. My husband is such a hard worker. His job is intense and VERY demanding. He works so hard all day and hurries home at night so he can play with the girls, help me get them to bed, answer all of my endless computer questions and assist with my many house projects. On a good night and if we’re lucky we get to sneak in one previously recorded show, but he is usually working while the TV is on. Then I head to bead and he stays up late to do more work. He has very little down time for himself and I know it can be exhausting. I don’t know how he does it! He is an amazing attorney, husband and daddy and I love him so much! Thanks babe – for all you do…

Come back Car!

It was so much fun having my sister here. Now that she’s gone I’m having major Carly withdrawals! Carly is like a drug for me. Those of you who know my sister know what I mean. She is such a CRACK UP! Hilarious personality. She definitely brings out my silliest side. We stayed up so late every night talking and laughing. She makes me feel like a little kid again…
Miss you Car!

Time for a night on the town…adults only!!!

Easter Egg Hunt at the park!

Easter was so much fun this year! Carly, Shawn and baby Claire (my sister and her cute family) came to visit and we all had such a blast. These are pics from the annual egg hunt our little family goes to each year. It is held at a local park and so much fun for the kids…total madness for the parents! Wouldn’t feel like Easter without it!

Ready for the hunt!

Little Claire’s first egg hunt…what a doll!

The whole crew – Thanks Easter Bunny!!!

Fun week with mom!

This has been such a fun week! My mom came to visit during her Spring Break. If you know my mom well, you know that it is always a party when she is around! She has such a “yellow” laid back, happy personality…she can make doing laundry fun! She is also a HUGE help to me when she comes to visit. She plays with my kids, cleans my house and is great at helping me mellow out. Those of you who know ME well know that I can be just a LITTLE bit of a perfectionist…just a little…once in awhile. :) My mom and I love hanging out together! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Of course one of the main things my mom and I love to do together (especially in San Diego) is go shopping! We’ve done plenty of it this week… I love this picture because it is SO my mom. Stroller in hand…ready to hit the outlets! (Sorry dad and Kenny…looks like we’ll be eating Ramen Noodles for a week or two!)

I loved just having my mom here with me in my typical day-to-day routine. She took this picture at our neighborhood playgroup. Some of us moms in my neighborhood get together every Monday afternoon so the kids can play and we can chat. I have such cute neighbors! We have been getting together for about three years now and have all become great friends…so have our kids!

My mom at playgroup joining in on a mad game of “duck duck goose”…a playgroup favorite!

The weather was so beautiful the whole week my mom was here. One day we took the girls to the beach…

It was a picture perfect day at the beach. So warm…hardly anyone was there. Ellie was having a great time playing in the water with grandma. I was relaxing with a magazine. Addison was having fun in the sand…UNTIL…

She started getting a lot of sand on her and couldn’t get it off. This little one of mine HATES being dirty (wonder where she gets that from?!).

Once she realized she was dirty she was so done with the beach! She started crying and WOULD NOT stop. I did everything to try to distract her. Nothing worked! Not even my usual tricks – fruit snacks and drinking water from a bottle. I even walked up on the grass to show her the train going by. She was not having it. She wanted to leave the beach and that was that!

So much for our “perfect” beach day. I’m learning perfection doesn’t exist…ESPECIALLY if you have a one year old!

Addie calmed down as soon as she could see we were walking AWAY from the water and sand. She had bawled for over an hour and was done with the beach. I was just done with her! Definitely made for a beach day we won’t soon forget!

Sometimes my mom and I are bummed we don’t live closer to each other because we always have so much fun together. But if we did, (not only would we not get anything productive done!) we wouldn’t get to have a week like this one where we can spend so much quality time together. I wouldn’t trade that for anything! Love you mom…thanks for all of your help and for such a fun week!